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Formed in 2011, We have since grown to help clients from around the globe find the right opportunities for growth and profitability. Our expertise allows us to recommend strategies for profit even in difficult market situations.

Investing in real estate has historically been, and continues to be, one of the best decisions you can make with your money if you do it the right way. It is a stable, tangible investment that provides steady capital appreciation and income over time. However, investors rarely diversify their holdings and this can cause problems.

Our business is built on finding investments that offer a balanced approach: strong reliable capital appreciation during bull markets, and protection during bear markets. The key is to find cities that offer attractive entry points, steady growth and strong rental yield.

Current Strategy

Look toward emerging markets for the right balance.
  • Invest in Tier 2 markets that encapsulate large, expanding cities with appealing growth potential.

  • We have a strong presence in Phoenix, Arizona and the surrounding metro areas because of their long-term growth opportunities and reliably solid rental returns.

  • Tier 2 cities offer a unique blend of favorable price to rent ratios and less saturation of competitive investment.

Investment Criteria

We look for properties that offer a favorable blend of capital appreciation and rent income.
  • We aim to find properties that are close to the city center. As the main business engine of the city, there will always be demand for homes and retail spaces near these locations. Properties that are more central tend to offer better protection against negative changes in the market.
  • Rental Income
  • The goal is to find the right property that will generate enough income to cover all expenses, allowing the investor to hold the property at no additional personal costs. Property market growth offers the investor a steady income stream and minimized risks that provide the ability to hold onto the property if the market contracts.



For investors wanting to purchase property outright, we will share our expertise with you and guide you through the purchasing process.

We do this by:

Selecting a smart, vetted property in the right location that offers a maximized return.

Assisting through all stages of the purchasing process, including preparing complex contract paperwork and providing consulting advice on tax issues.

Managing and maintaining acquired properties after the purchase.


As a limited equity member, you invest a percentage in the properties we purchase. The benefits of investing as a limited equity partner is the relative ease of management, while still receiving proportional share of the income generated from the property.


In addition, through our network of partners, we can also assist with the following:

Company formation for real-estate holders to minimize liability.

Obtaining loans or transferring of funds.

Tax-related matters such as corporate and/or individual tax returns

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