Current Strategy

Look toward emerging markets for the
right balance.

Our current focus is to invest in Tier 2 markets that encapsulate large, expanding cities with appealing growth potential. We have a strong presence in Phoenix, Arizona and the surrounding metro areas because of their long-term growth opportunities and reliably solid rental returns.

Tier 2 cities offer a unique blend of favorable price to rent ratios and less saturation of competitive investment.

Why Phoenix?

At 1.6M residents, Phoenix is the 6th largest city in the US. The Phoenix Metro has 4.5 million residents, making it the 12th largest metropolitan area. Since 2000, the population has increased by more than 25%. To give a sense of comparison, Seattle has 4.3 million residents and Las Vegas has 2.2.


Phoenix is a center for multinational companies like Avnet, GoDaddy, Freeport-McMoran, Republic Service, PetSmart, First Solar, Pinnacle West Capital and Banner Health, who all have headquarters here.

  • Phoenix is one of only thirteen cities to have home teams for all four major sports: Suns (NBA), Diamondbacks (MLB), Cardinals (NFL), Coyotes (NHL). Beyond that, the city hosts the PGA Waste Management Open, MLB spring training, the Senior Pro Rodeo and the Thunderbird Class Hot Air Balloon race.
  • There’s close proximity to the Grand Canyon and other beautiful state and national parks.
  • Phoenix is one of the most affordable large cities in the US.

Arizona State University (Tempe) – Located in the middle of Phoenix Metro, Arizona State University is a large employer and its 40,000 students provide a steady stream of young workers.

Investment Criteria

We look for properties that offer a favorable
blend of capital appreciation and rent income.

Typically, we seek out up-and-coming areas. Our ideal properties are located in areas that are rapidly changing for the better, with an influx of businesses and investments moving into the community. As a neighborhood changes, the demand for real estate increases, causing both rental demand and property prices to rise.


We aim to find properties that are close to the city center. As the main business engine of the city, there will always be demand for homes and retail spaces near these locations.

In addition, properties that are more central tend to offer better protection against negative changes in the market.


The goal is to find the right property that will generate enough income to cover all expenses, allowing the investor to hold the property at no additional personal costs. As the property market grows, it offers the investor a winwin: a steady income stream while the market expands and minimized risks that provide the ability to hold onto the property if the market contracts.

Coming Soon

September 2017

Launching H Cubed Mercury to do real estate investing in Phoenix

Recent Deals

July 2017

Purchased a triplex in Tempe

April 2017

Purchased a triplex in Scottsdale

September 2016

Purchased Plaza Forty, a small retail plaza

Winter 2015

Purchased 21 single family homes in Phoenix

Fall 2015

Closed deal for quadplex in Phoenix

Summer 2015

  • Closed deal for 12 unit retail commercial space in Chandler
  • Closed deal for 16 unit multifamily complex in Phoenix