How Remote Work Will Shift Buyers Choices

How Remote Work Will Shift Buyers Choices

Justin Onorato, CIO at BTI Partners, a master planned community land investor based in Florida, hopes this trend can help solve the nationwide housing affordability crisis.

He is currently getting entitlements for a planned residential community on 1,400 acres about 30 minutes from downtown Orlando that will house 4,000 lots.

This community will have an urban center with retail and shopping, along with wetlands and natural features, and a grocery store a mile away.

The residents would rarely need to leave the boundaries of the community.

“Sites like that will be in high demand,” Onorato says. “I always believed one day there would be a distributed workforce. People would start to realize that they didn’t need to commute an hour each way and that they could accomplish more from home and save the commute and the money.”

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