About H Cubed

Countless opportunities, no matter
what the global economy throws at us.

At H Cubed Investments, we focus our resources on markets we believe will generate great capital appreciation while providing steady cash flow.

We offer clients two exciting ways to invest with us:

1. limiteD equity pArtnerSHip

As a limited equity member, you invest a percentage in the properties we purchase. The benefits of investing as a limited equity partner is the relative ease of management, while still receiving proportional share of the income generated from the property.

2. purcHASing yOur Own prOperty

For investors wanting to purchase property outright, we will share our expertise with you and guide you through the purchasing process. We do this by:

  • Selecting a smart, vetted property in the right location that offers a maximized return.
  • Assisting through all stages of the purchasing process, including preparing complex contract paperwork and providing consulting advice on tax issues.
  • Managing and maintaining acquired properties after the purchase.
ADDitiOnAl SerViceS

In addition, through our network of partners, we can also assist with the following:

  • Company formation for real-estate holders to minimize liability
  • Obtaining loans or transferring of funds
  • Tax-related matters such as corporate and/or individual tax returns

Our Vision

Smart investors look outside the box.

Investing in real estate has historically been, and continues to be, one of the best decisions you can make with your money if you do it the right way. It is a stable, tangible investment that provides steady capital appreciation and income over time. However, investors rarely diversify their holdings and this can cause problems.

We’ve seen it happen. Investors make the mistake of solely investing in their home market or in a busy Tier 1 city; a place like London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Shanghai, or Tokyo, where properties are thought to be hot commodities. These markets, with their high entry cost and low rental yields, mean a property investment requires a large amount of upfront capital while providing low cash

flow during the holding period. The best hope at that point is for capital appreciation, but it’s risky. It can expose an investor to depreciating values and low rental income, leaving a tough choice between holding on to a diminishing asset or selling for a loss.

A smarter solution is for investors to diversify a portion of their real estate holding into cities that offer a variety of different incomes. Our business is built on finding investments that offer a balanced approach: strong reliable capital appreciation during bull markets, and protection during bear markets. The key is to find cities that offer attractive entry points, steady growth and strong rental yield.

How we identify cities we wAnt to invest in:
A wealth of
quality jobs
Friendly corporate
Good quality of
life for families
and individuals
city amenities

About Our Founder

With a wide range of investment experience and financial knowledge, your investment is in good hands.

The Great Recession looms large in our recent past, and like many others starting out at that time, my first foray into the property market was a disaster. Despite working at a Big 4 Accounting firm as a tax consultant helping large public and private companies optimize their resources, I made a hasty decision and said yes to an interest-only loan on a property in Los Angeles. Before I knew it, the market crashed and I had gotten in over my head. The truth is, we were all wrong to think that previous exponential growth would continue forever. Experiencing this firsthand gave me the biggest lesson of my career.

Despite my early struggles, I still believed in the power of real estate. Rising up from a bad situation, I dedicated myself to researching and pinpointing a better methods of investing.

I learned to not to go all-in during a bull market, but to invest smarter and safer, feeling confident in my investment choices for years to come.

Through my years of researching and visiting a myriad of market types, I’ve garnered expertise on why certain markets outperform others. It all boils down to this — while the market you invest in is important, what is even more crucial is the ability to generate income regardless of the rise and fall of market conditions. Using this as a guiding principal, H Cubed Investments focuses resources on markets we believe will generate the greatest capital appreciation while providing steady cash flows, no matter what the global economy throws at us.