11 Upcoming Market Trends

11 Upcoming Market Trends

The real estate market’s fluidity makes it a place where trends are always changing.

Here are some of the developing real estate trends likely coming to the industry in the next few years and how those changes would impact the average investor or agent.

  1. Co-Working Space As A Shared Amenity
  2. Growing Sense Of Community
  3. Property Tech And AI Disrupting The Industry
  4. Rise Of Opportunity Zones
  5. Millennials Will Start Buying Houses
  6. Spread Of Shared Living Spaces
  7. Short-Term Rentals At Higher Rates
  8. Rent Control With Upzoning Measures
  9. Increased Use Of Freelance Workers
  10. Build-To-Rent Boom
  11. Modular Buildings Reshaping Construction
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